Celebration with Steaks!

Growing up steak was a weekly item that always tasted so amazing. Mom wouldcook them up in a cast iron with butter garlic and mushrooms. Over time I just couldn’t get steak to ever have that amazing flavor until I discovered grass fed. They are so tender, and juicey you can cut with a fork. 

Celebrating our oldest son Jordans birthday with Sinking Creek Grass Fed Steaks. Yum! Sinking Creek Grass Fed Beef  

  • Bring steaks to room temperature 
  • Lightly salt and pepper( so amazing marinade not needed for ribeye) 
  • Cook on hot grille- 5 min in each side for med rate 7 min med and 9 min med well. 
  • Allow to rest for ten minutes 
  • Serve with herb butter (see herb butter recipe) 

Thank you Aunt Tracy! 🙂 

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