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  • Curry meatballs and jasmine rice- date nite cooking

    Jason and I really have grown to enjoy cooking together. We share a nice glass of wine, turn up the tunes to match the cuisine, and get going with who does which job. Jason is my savior for kneading dough, mixing, and making meatballs! This was a taste of Mediterranean with cool greek yogurt, homemade…… Read more

  • Scallops with blistered cherry tomatoes over pasta

    This is a easy way to add the goodness of scallops to your meal. Did you know scallops are high in antioxidants, low in calories and fat, and delicious! Hope you enjoy! Dry scallops and season both sides with salt and pepper. In large skillet heat 2 Tbs olive oil to shimmer at med high…… Read more

  • Naan (part of date nite cooking)

    Naan. So fun to say, so fun to eat. Oh, so easy to make. With this being a small process it takes a bit of pre- planning but a great addition to date night help. Jason was a great help rolling out the dough as I black skillet baked the Naan. Easy ingredients. Mix warm…… Read more

  • Buffalo Cauliflower bites

    Im not a huge fan of cauliflower but wow! I am now. What a great alternative to chicken strips or chips and dip. These bites cook up crispy and spicy with the right garlic goodness. Jason and I gobbled a huge batch! Even reheats nicely the next day. I enjoyed with and omelette as a…… Read more

  • Asian Ginger Orange Pork w/Vegetables

    Living in the beautiful state of Oregon, we consumed really good Asian food, all the time. I guess we got a bit spoiled on all the fabulous choices that now, I struggle to find those americanized dishes. One of my favorite is General Taos and spicy sesame beef. Spicy, tangy, goodness on delicious rice. Here…… Read more

  • Mediterranean Lamb Bowls

    Summer fresh herbs and veggies from the garden add an extra fresh element to this easy and tasty bowl. I discovered a ground lamb package in the freezer and wanted lighter than a Shepards pie. Fresh picked cherry tomato, mint, parsley, cucumber, all bring flavors of Greek cuisine. You could make this with ground pork…… Read more

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