About The Girl in the Grits

Shannon's new project at The Oaks Victorian Inn as co-owner and Inn Keeper. The fun never ends!

Shannon grew up on a farm in Long Shop, Virginia. A small country community just a stones throw from Blacksburg, Virginia.  She grew up loving the great recipes of the Appalachian cooks and especially her Momma, Miss Gloria’s kitchen secrets. Now living in her childhood dream house, The Oaks Victorian Inn, she adding a heathy twist to southern favorites.

The Grit Cooking idea started with a challenge from, her then 13 year old, to do something social media. Living in Bend Oregon I missed my southern roots and especially butter grits with eggs for breakfast! Challenge my technical skills and be more main stream. So the birth of Grit Cooking kicked off with followers around the world. All done from my smart phone, my own hands and lots of my heart.

Whats better than a good meal, good stories and lots of love! I hope you enjoy and share. ❤️

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