Soups and Appitizers

Italian sausage and rice soup

Todays cooking has sparked my creativity and imagination for one pan meals. With home cooking comes many more dishes. This is a simple one pot simmer that is satifying and full of glorious veggies. Enjoy!

Chicken Italian sausage sliced bitesize

1.5 cups rice

6 cups chicken broth

Chopped 1/2 cup each

Carrot, sweet onion, celery, okra, thin sliced cabbage

2 clove diced garlic

3 cups fresh spinach leaves

2 can roasted diced tomatos

2 bay leaves

Tbls Italian seasonings

1 sprig fresh rosemary in seasoning bag.

Olive oil

Brown meat with oliveoil for about ten minutes.

Add rice and veggies and brown til onions limp (reserve add after veggies limp)

Add tomatoes , broth, herbs, and simmer 25 minutes covered.


Serve with fresh Parmesan and warm bread.

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