Traditions, Vegetable

Fried Okra cornmeal style

This is one of my favorites from My Grandmother Grace. This is a little this and that recipe.Grace was a Texan woman that lived in West Texas. She had real grit! Like her peppers on fire from the hot garden and could eat them raw off the vine. She made fresh okra In a cast iron skillet with fresh corn meal. The crumbles have a glorious popcorn flavor. (Sorry pictured not in cast iron as I highly recommend for the heat)

Mess of clean chopped okra

Cornmeal to cover pan.(1-2 cups)

Canola oil salt and pepper

Bring pan and enough oil to cover pan on high- add okra and cover w cornmeal.


Cook tossing continually not to burn but not to rough to hurt Okra. Until brown. About ten minutes.

Eat it up!

You can use bagged frozen okra. Be cautious putting into oil/ will spatter.

You might need to add oil if too dry.

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