“Dinner-Come and Get it!”

I have an all new respect for camping, cooking and filling the grumbling stomachs of hard working ranch hands after a day on the trails. Just having lived a 8 full days in the Bob Marshal Wilderness on horse back you gain a new respect for food, clean water and a good mattress pad. Memories are made on these moments of sounds smells and excitement.

Let me introduce you to Elizabeth. (Aka Ebee our Camp cook.) The lady rides with the mule team 16 miles- sets up a large kitchen and swings a dinner by 6:30 pm sharp. Then starts her day again at the crack of dawn to insure the sleepy campers are met with hot coffee and warm bacon.

She calls Ohio home but comes to the Lazy P Wilderness Ranch every summer to work long back country tours of guest wanting the full Montana backcountry experience. Always a smile and a story to share with the bottomless coffee pot and buckets of fresh sweet stream water poured from a laddle.

A sweet cooks assistant was covered by a bueatiful young cowgirl named Taryn. At 13 she rode like a pro and helped with the kitchen busy work.

Lunches are packed early morning for the saddle bags of the long rides before us. Always consisting of a hearty sandwich or wrap, fruit, trail mix of varieties and something sweet. Bags are big gallon ziplocks with our names that we recycle as the days go on. A returned bag meant you got a new lunch ready to go come morning.

The kitchen consist if a wood burning stove/oven that backed the best warm coffee cake you ever tasted. It broke down into a storage box to be tarped and tied then loaded on a mule for the daily journey.

The kitchen was carefully thought thru with the mind set of meals for a full 8 days and nights and frozen coolers only lasting so many days in the hot Montana sun. Sorting and layering not to disturb the bottom frozen items working from contents top down. Lock boxes that keep varmints out especially bears. Also needed to keep items clean in the dusty trails. Three meals a day for 15 with dietary needs and all walks of life as well as age. Our group ranged from 12-60 something. Each day a well planned task. Vegetables and fruits consumed just the right day to not be wasted and what was not eaten possibly added to the next day baked treat. Sauces pre-made for ease and speed such as spaghetti.

Frosted grapes rolled in cream-cheese and sweet gelatin was a real hit with the kids.

Then when moving day comes around feed the travelers and pack it all up for the long days journey.

At the end of our adventure the celebration meal was enjoyed by all.

Grass fed beef , sweet corn and massive baked potatoes. Thank you for the good meals, conversations and comfort on the adventure of a lifetime.

More information and many thanks

7 Lazy P Guest Ranch

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