Easy Entertaining with a Charcuterie Board

When the book club of ladies come to visit- a charcuterie board can give everybody something they can enjoy. Fresh cheeses, fruit, crackers, olives, pickles and nuts. I also like to throw in some chocolates, jams and honey to bring it together. Crowd pleaser.

Start with your cheeses. Odd numbers are good. So three or 5 in a variety. I have a nice cheese ball of dried cranberry and herbs pre-made and centered. A firm but creamy gouda sliced and then a marinated mozzarella. Be creative and make it varied. This was a tray for 5.

After placing your cheeses. Fill in tight with your meats. I buy a simple prepackaged variety already sliced. Get a pack with four or more choices. Fold the larger cuts to fan around the cheeses and easy access for individuals to enjoy. Bring in small vessels of sizes of jams, olives, pickles … ect. Honey I placed in a creamer pitcher and added a honey comb server. So cute!

Add your fruit to fill in gaps. Then tuck your variety of crackers and breads about the platter. Add crackers right before serving so they don’t get soggy or soft. Add your utensils and plates and stand back to appreciate the masterpiece. You want lots of utensils so no double dipping and individual plates. Its always so Delicious!!!

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