Soups and Appitizers

Caprese Crustini -summer must – easy , fast, classic, yum! 

Summer back yard time isn’t complete without this easy appitizer. Fresh basil from the portch garden and tomatoes off the vine. This was a added item to my menues once I came to the West Coast. So tasty!

Bread is so important! A good fresh French crostini  or bole is so key to this taste. Only use the freshest and best.

Thin slice bread and lightly brush with olive oil. Toast to goldern crisp in oven broil hi.

Fresh wet mozzerella sliced

Frest basil leaves ( garden pick is best)

Tomato ( either roma or cherry halved) 

Reduced balsalmic

– reduction- i do about 1/2 cup fine balsalmic venigar and simmer 10 mins to a thick syrup.
Assemble. And drizzle. Be creative. Pesto is amazing on this or fresh avacado.

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