Soups and Appitizers

Thats just good- creamy mushroom soup

So I dare myself to be creative at times especially with a budget. Ever look on that dollar mark down self in the produce isle? You should. I found the largest most beautiful bag of assorted mushrooms! Oh whats a girl to do?

Three Cups- Chopped fresh mushrooms – button,baby potabella, shitake and some cute brown one

Two tablespoons butter or olive oil

Med onion chopped


6 cups chicken broth

1 cancoconut milk

2,TBS cornstarch

S and pepper

Fresh scallions

Sautee mushrooms, chopped onion, garlic til limp

Add chicken broth and salt and Pepper to taste

Can coconut milk or 2percent cow milk

Bring to slow simmer 

Mix cornstarch with a 1/3 cup water add to thicken.

Sprinkle with fresh scallions. Enjoy.

Freezes fantastic! Also great base for greenbean cassirole.

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