Hearty Pork-roast in rich mushroom gravy

Easy comfort food in a crock pot brings The flavors of Fall. Nothing more warming then home after a long day and being greater Home by these rich smells of long cooked pork.

  • Pork roast
  • Oil
  • tbs crushed garlic
  • Salt /pepper
  • Sprig rosemary
  • 1 whole chopped onion
  • Two cups sliced white mushrooms
  • Two packet pork gravy mix
  • Large crock pot
  • Heat oil garlic salt pepper in large skillet
  • Sear roast on all sides ( Place in crock pot)
  • Add mushrooms
  • Onions

Sauté until tender. Place over roast

Mix gravy packets and two cups water pour over roast.

Cook on 6 hour high setting with foil sealing top.

Chop roasted pork and mix back in gravy

Serve over egg noodles, rice or mashed potatoes.